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The B+ Podcast: Episode 11: The Split (2016) Podcast


M. Night Shylaman has had his ups and downs with his movies. On this episode of The B+ Podcast, we discuss his newest movie Split.

We talk about James McAvoy’s incredible acting in this.

We talk about previous M. Night movies and how they rank against it.

I loved the movie. It is #2 in my rankings of M. Night movies. It would be The Sixth Sense and then Split coming in close second.

The movie is a thriller and doesn’t let up right from the get go. We see James McAvoys evil personality “Dennis” as he abducts three women who never see it coming.

We then start to see Kevins (James McAvoy) other 23 split personalities throughout the movie. The different personalities and how McAvoy portrayed them sold the movie for me.

The events that take place throughout the movie are disturbing. McAvoys split personalities just amp this up. We are feeling sorry for our villain in one personality and then rooting against him in another.

The audience doesn’t know who they are actually seeing on screen. We don’t know if McAvoy’s character is being genuine when he speaks. We don’t know which personality we are actually getting. When we see one character enter into “the light”, we don’t know if any of the others will be back.

We also get to see one victim’s traumatizing past which adds to the story. Casey is our main “hero” and she was portrayed great. We get a glimpse into her past and what happened to her before the abduction took place.

The movie was excellent and I recommend it to any fans of thrillers and/or horror movies. I can’t wait to see what M. Night does next.

If you have seen Split then leave some feedback in the comments section and let me know what you thought. Thank you for reading

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