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NYCC Comic Con Announcements, New Movies (The B+ Podcast: Episode 30)

The B+ Podcast: Episode 30:

On tonight’s episode of The B+ Podcast we discuss:
  • All the new announcements coming out from New York Comic Con
  • The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead merging together in the future season
  • New movies coming out
  • Movies I have watched recently including:
    • Baby Driver (One of my favorite movies of all time)
    • Geralds Game (Another excellent film adaptation of a Stephen King Novel)
The biggest “nerd” event every year takes place at two comic cons – New York and San Diego. The San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) is usually the bigger of the two since it is so close to Hollywood. At the New York Comic Con (NYCC) this year we got some big trailers and announcements. The more popular announcements were new X-Files, Justice League trailer, and Castle Rock. We are going to cover these in full on the next episode of the podcast.
Castle Rock is another Stephen King adaptation. This one is going to come out exclusively on Hulu. I can’t complain. These new adaptations coming out from the King camp have been stellar. Geralds Game (which we discuss this episode) is a Netflix exclusive. It is one of my favorite Horror/Thriller movies of the year. As long as the quality continues to hold up then I am all for turning King’s entire body of work into film.
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