Dave’s Bachelor Party | Harrah’s – Atlantic City, NJ (BackVlog: Episode 2)


Dave’s Bachelor Party:

Back in June of this year, my buddy Dave was getting married to his girlfriend of many years. To celebrate, we all headed to Atlantic City for his Bachelor Party. The destination was Harrahs Resort.

I have known Dave for several years now. The fact that he invited me to his bachelor party was awesome. I asked him if he minded me filming a vlog of the excursion and he said he didn’t mind.

The entire experience was nothing short of a blast. Harrahs Resort is one of those places where its impossible to not have a great time. We were about a dozen guys all out on a night in AC.

We check out Harrahs Pool and the new Sun Deck they had added on. Unfortunately, this will most likely be the last time you see a Vlog from Harrahs. My family arranged my bachelor party inside the pool at a private bungalow there. I was walking in like you’ll see in this video with my camera. Security stopped me and said the lens was too big and I couldn’t bring the camera inside. I guess now they have gambling tables right in the pool so filming is not allowed.

Anyways, I still got to shoot this great Vlog for Daves and it came out hilarious. Enjoy Episode 2 of my BackVlog series for Daves Bachelor Party at Harrahs in Atlantic City. Next up in the series is my trip to the Kanye Museum!

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