YouTube TV: The Future Of Television?

Is YouTube TV: The Future Of Television? We discuss that on today’s episode of The B+ Podcast.

I have been waiting for a service like this for awhile. Cable companies are getting overly expensive and the amount of time watching Live Television is on the decline.

I started with my cable company almost 2 years ago at a “discounted price”. The price was locked in for those initial 2 years.

After only a few months, we started to see minor increases in our monthly fees. When we would call to discuss why this is, they would give us some bullshit that all these companies do. They would tell us our 2 Year price discussed was still there but there were upgrades so we had to pay more.

The nonsense that these companies do to us are going to be over soon. With the rise of Netflix and Hulu or the streaming services already available like Sling and PlayStation Vue, these companies aren’t going to be able to nickel and dime us to death anymore.

YouTube TV is in their infant stages and not many details are available. We discuss what knowledge we have of the product so far.

YouTube TV Features:

A couple of cool things that YouTube TV will offer are:

  • Unlimited Cloud Storage for your favorite shows (for the networks they carry)
  • Once you select a show to subscribe to than those are on your DVR for as long as you’d like (PS Vue only allows you to keep on DVR for 48 hours)
  • YouTube Red will be packaged into it so that you can watch your regular Videos ad-free
  • YouTube Red also offers YouTube’s exclusive content that you can not get anywhere else

I am admittedly a Google fan boy so I am hoping as this product fleshes out. My cable contract is up in May and I am hoping to be able to move to a streaming service of my choice.

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