The B+ Podcast: Episode 6: Does The Walking Dead Suck?

Does The Walking Dead Suck?

A question that is frequently thrown around these days is Does The Walking Dead Suck? Hell, its been thrown around for a few years now.

The show that was loved by many is slowing starting to lose its steam and its viewers.

On this episode of The B+ Podcast, we discuss our thoughts and opinions on the show.

Nasum being more of a fan up to this day, while I checked out after Episode 1 of Season 7.

The big problem I have found with this show is the fact that I do not know if they can pace it correctly. The comic book may have a dud here or there, but reading a comic takes 10 minutes. A dud of an episode lasts 45+ minutes.

We discuss what they could of done to maybe pace the show better. We also discuss the differences between both the comic and the show. As I say multiple times in the podcast, I am not a TV show writer, producer, or creator. The opinions we share are our own and made to try to flesh out why the show is losing its audience.

This story line that the show is in currently is my favorite story so far in the comics. Needless to say, I was more than excited to watch. But after the first episode, I lost that drive to continue watching.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the show still has around 10 million viewers per week. That is something to not be taken lightly. I just feel that the show should have went in a different direction. Nasum also shares his thoughts on why he still watches every week.

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