My Trip to The Kanye West Museum – BackVlog: Episode: 3

The Kanye West Museum Vlog:

My best friend, TJ, had recently moved back in June of 2017. I had not had the opportunity to go and visit him so I decided to make the trek out to The Kanye West Museum.

TJ is a huge fan of the music of Kanye West and the video game Destiny. He had to me that he was making his entire new apartment into a “smart home.”

I had no idea what I was in for.

When I arrived at, what I now describe as the Kanye Museum, it was pretty awesome. He had the whole house automated. The lights, the locks, you name it.

On top of that was how he had designed the place. He had the entire living room dedicated to Kanye West memorabilia. Which even included framed Yeezys above his entertainment center. It was awesome.

His office was where things changed. TJ had the entire office dedicated to his favorite game: Destiny. Much like the front room, it was a display of all his accomplishments from the game as well as memorabilia.

We also head out to the Greene Turtle for lunch and check out a local bar called The Caddyshack. Bill Murray was not in attendance, unfortunately.

Check out My Trip To The Kanye West Museum vlog above to see all this and more. We even check out a Kanye West Coloring Book?

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