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Think and Go Hustle by Dylan Madden: Book Review

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The Way Of The Olympian:

Think And Go Hustle is Dylan Maddens first book. The book comes from a guy that has been on his hustle for years.
Dylan started his journey with the website Way Of The Olympian, which I read all the time. I didn’t have anything for myself going on at the time so I kept silent. His newest website is Calm and Collected which continues his legacy from WotO. Dylan also runs Sites Delight. He will build you a beautiful website and let you earn some commission in the process.
When I first read Way Of The Olympian, I fell in love with the writing style. The content felt relatable to someone who never did anything for his own brand. You could see Dylan was getting started on his journey. He wrote with a passion for himself and others. It kept me a reader right until the transition over to Calm And Collected. When I first started this website, Dylan’s material had great reference points to see how to do things. He was on the rise and the blueprint he was laying out was quality and easy to follow.
Dylan and I first spoke on Twitter. I talked about this in my Virtual Mentors article/video here. Dylan had messaged me on Twitter letting me know that my account was private. Which meant that all these articles I was posting were not seen unless someone followed me. This was our first conversation we had. The guy didn’t know who I was yet still offered a helping hand. We have kept in touch here and there in the past months but I won’t forget that message. It made me feel good to have started my own brand and someone could offer their help like that.

Think And Go Hustle:

Think and Go Hustle, Dylan’s first book marks a landmark shift for his brand as a whole. All the articles and youtube videos he created lead up to this point. He hustled non-stop for the past years and can finally hold a product he created.
Think and Go Hustle is a book that stays true to Dylan’s writing format – straight and to the point. There is no fluff here, only actionable advice after actionable advice. Now, you would think, “Well Seft, I can get that in any book…”, but the fact of the matter is this contains Dylan’s story. His highs and lows and his own unique journey. The same thing that got me into Dylans writing all those years ago is here – his writing style. The years of creating and what Dylan has learned up to this point is here. Condensed down for us to the best parts that will get us off our ass and make our own name in the world.
Think and Go Hustle helps us replace those bad thoughts put out there by the mainstream. Dylan addresses the people out there (like myself) who have a 9-5. He motivates you to do your thing to pay the bills, but make sure you are doing that side hustle on the daily. The more we consume, the more we give into someone else’s vision. We need to making stuff for others that comes from within ourselves. The book addresses what to do instead of the normal things society throws on us. I have been doing this thing for almost a year now, but you can not deny the fire one of your peer’s words can set in you. This is what Think and Go Hustle is all about.

Levels To The Game:

The book contains five major chapters. The chapters Dylan calls “Levels” like we are in a video game. The only thing is the game is real and we are the heroes. Each Level Dylan takes us further down the rabbit hole. He takes us deep down into the depths of what it takes to make something from nothing. My favorite part is at every Level is the personal stories Dylan relates his advice too. I love reading about the struggle and the glory. It is the greatest form of motivation for me and the greatest teacher.
The part of the book that resonated with me the most was Dylans take on energy. I find myself giving way too much energy into things that don’t matter. Things that are not going to get me any closer to my goals. TAGH explains to us that we need to keep energy reserved for our side hustle when we finally get to it. This means that not wasting energy on shit that we cant control. The energy needs to go into building something every day. The only way to do that is to manage it throughout the day so we can use it all on our hustle.
Think and Go Hustle is a book that I needed at this moment in my life. It resonates with me on so many different topics. I know that when I am feeling down that someone else did as well. The struggles I face in my life are being faced by other people with the same goals as myself. Dylan’s peers pushed him to put more personal stories into the book. To everyone involved – Thank you – it made the product that much better.

Think and Go Hustle by Dylan Madden is a must-read book.

If you are starting your own hustle or have been playing the game for awhile – you will get something from this. The advice the book provides is immediately applicable. And the stories are not only motivational but inspirational. Think and Go Hustle is a book for Young Hustlers. The book will set you up on your journey in this game. It will keep you playing a long time.

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