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The Star Wars: Rogue One Podcast

Star Wars – Rogue One:

On today’s episode of The B+ Podcast, we discuss the newest Star Wars movie – Rogue One.

We talk about our feelings on the new movie and if it holds up to the amazing Force Awakens.

Our feelings were a bit more mixed. We didn’t enjoy the characters and were a little let down with the movie.

The characters were not a group of people I cared for while watching. I felt they were bland and not iconic.

On the flipside of that, this is a Star Wars Story. It does give opportunities to introduce new characters into the mix.

They could also experiment with different things to see what the audience likes. I am all for more Star Wars so I am happy to see that these films are coming out.

The movie is beautiful and the worlds the characters go to are incredible. I thought the movie was gorgeous with its visuals.

I can’t wait to see where they take the Star Wars story movies. They are planning a Boba Fett movie and if that’s the case I am all for it.

The biggest problem I had with the movie was the WAR  aspect. I am not the biggest fan of war movies. One of my favorites writers of all time is Garth Ennis. When Ennis decides in his comics to throw in a 6 issue war story, it takes everything in me not to check out. I don’t know what it is but those types of stories bore me. Rogue One is a war movie with a Star Wars skin on top. I think that was one of the biggest reasons this film didn’t resonate with me that much.


Let me know if you saw Stars Wars: Rogue One and leave some comments in the section the below. Did you like it? Hate it? Indifferent?

Thank you for reading!


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