The Sports Vs. eSports Discussion (The B+ Podcast: Episode 38)

Sports vs. eSports: (The B+ Podcast: Episode 38)

Last week, something near and dear to my heart started: The Overwatch League. Something of this size has never existed in the eSports community. Overwatch is a PvP Multiplayer game designed by Blizzard Entertainment.

I have been playing Overwatch since it launched almost 2 years ago. The game is fantastic and has me dedicating many hours to it.

Blizzard has launched an official league in the ESports community. Cities from all around the world have paid 20 Million dollars to get their city as an official team.

eSports has been around a long time but this is something special.

Not being an avid sports fan by any means. I am excited something like this launched. Now I have something in the sports (eSports) realm to enjoy.

On today’s episode, we discuss if eSports will ever exist as a real sport. Or will it traditional sports fans write it off as something for kids? Never reaching the status of major sports franchises.

I have felt the push that this isn’t something that contends with traditional sports. In my world, this is the closest thing I have to a sport I enjoy watching.

We discuss all this and more in Episode 38 of The B+ Podcast – Sports vs. eSports!

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