Social Media: A Personal Platform Or The Devil?

Social Media: Is it really the personal branding platform everyone claims it to be or THE DEVIL!? We discuss this and more on the newest episode of The B+ Podcast.

If you asked me a year ago what I thought of Social Media, I would of told you I loved it. But that was as a consumer and not as a producer.

I didn’t tweet on Twitter, like posts on Facebook, or upload many photos to Instagram. Hell, Snapchat and “hashtags” were totally out for me.

I looked at people producing on these platforms as just a means to waste time.

How Wrong Was I about Social Media?:

On today’s podcast we discuss how wrong I was.

Once I decided to start creating everyday, I knew I would need a way to get it out there into the eyes of many. Well, the best way to do that is with Social Media. Its free and everyone is a consumer of it.

Go outside and count the amount of people of with their noses buried in their phones. The smartphone is the biggest device that people consume media on daily.

If I ever wanted to be able to get my brand out into the world I knew I would need to embrace Social Media.

Once I got the ball rolling on everything and started using Social Media as a tool for my brand, I realized how powerful they all are.

Today I am Instagramming, Facebooking, and Tweeting on the daily. I get to reach out to so many people I never would have without these products. Not to mention, if you follow and engage the right people you can have virtual mentors on these platforms.

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