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Shotguns, Stouts, and Sunshine | Allentown, PA

Shotguns! Stouts! And Sunshine!

That was the theme of this past weekend. It was a get together for one of my best friends 34th Birthdays. For the occasion, they set up a time to go to the Lehigh Valley Clay Sports Center. We would be shooting some shotguns at clay birds.

We got up around 9 AM and hit the road for our appointment at 10:30.

Upon arriving, you could hear dozens of shotgun blasts. I had never shot a shotgun before so I had a little fear going into this. Since I shot other guns before, I knew that fear would subside.

Once everyone arrived, we sat down to sign our waivers. We then had some training – which was simple enough – and then set out to destroy some clays!

The aim was a bit different when clay shooting. We had to aim a bit in front of the clays. The good thing is you are using a shotgun so the blast radius was bigger. Shotguns fire out a blast containing a bunch of small pellets. This definitely helped when trying to take out some clay birds.

My goal, being a first timer, was to hit one clay. I had no idea how I was going to do. In the end, I ended up hitting around 25. Not too bad for a first timer!

The center we went to was beautiful. We had a nice stroll through the woods soaking up the sunshine. It was also nice to spend time with friends I had not hung out with in awhile.

After we finished blowing up some clays, we headed to Fegley’s Brew Works in Allentown, PA. Fegley’s had some homemade craft beers that were delicious. The same goes for the food.

After that, we said our goodbyes and hit the road for an early night home.

Thanks For The Support:

The whole experience was super fun. I also had a great time shooting the vlog for it. It always helps when you are doing something new to have people around that support your new endeavor. People who don’t make you feel weird for doing something they might not understand. The friends that were with me on this Saturday afternoon made me feel right at home. No one questioned what or why I was vlogging. They trusted me to document the day – knowing that a good piece of content would come from it.

One of the biggest mantras I live by today is to Stay In Your Own Lane. I create the content I create because I have a found a passion for it. The alternative is to come home and do nothing. Or get super drunk on the weekend and not worry about making a vlog that will be around forever.

I am thankful for having these people in my life that support my new goals. They might not understand why I am doing it, but they accept it because they see my passion for it. And because of this, if you are reading this article, thank you. I hope to have many more adventures with everyone. Documenting the journey and making some enjoyable content along the way.

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Thank you for reading.

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