Rampage Trailer Discussion (The B+ Podcast: Episode 34)

Rampage Trailer Discussion:

In Episode 34 of The B+ Podcast, we discuss the trailer for the upcoming movie adaptationΒ of the video game Rampage.

Rampage is a video game from the 80’s that is dear to our hearts. The fact that you could become a giant monster and destroy entire cities was fun. We grew up watching monster movies such as King Kong and Godzilla. Rampage the game let us play our favorite monsters from those movies.

I know the backstory of these monsters is different than those of Kong or Godzilla. The fact that we could become those characters is what made the games so appealing. We could demolish buildings, chase after people, and fight one another if need be.

On April of 2018, Rampage will hit theaters near you. The trailer looks pretty decent but I don’t have high hopes for this one. The Rock is starring in it as well. While I enjoy The Rock, I don’t know how this awesome game is going to translate over to the big screen.

Video game movies are usually not that great. It is a hard task to capture the magic of video games into a movie. You don’t get to play as the characters or choose how to progress. Also, video games can be extravagant and that is hard to turn into a movie without looking corny.

I will always root for these types of movies. I would rather them to keep coming out so they get them right than not coming out at all. We will keep everyone updated as more news gets released.

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