The Phone Carriers Podcast (The B+ Podcast: Episode 36)

The Phone Carriers Podcast:

If you are anything like me than you despise Phone Carriers. They have us by the balls. Phone Carriers can do whatever they want.

If you saw our last Podcast than you know Net Neutrality is being taken away. Internet Service Providers and your Phone Carrier are going to have more power.

On Episode 36 of The B+ Podcast, we talk about our own personal experiences with our own Phone Carrier. We discuss who is best and Nasum pulls up some info from Toms Guide.  

As you already know, I am super pissed about the FCC moving to get rid of Net Neutrality. I hope this podcast can shed some light on this for you. Phone Carriers are an evil that we have to deal with. We all want phones and we all want them to work on the network we choose.

I also throw in some bonus information at the end of the Podcast. It is a post that highlights some of the ways Phone Carriers tried to screw us over. The post was a retweet by Casey Neistat. It contains some of the messed up practices that Phone Carriers have done. Stay til the end to hear all about it.

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