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Handbook Of Being Self-Made and Self Paid (New World Ronin by Victor Pride Review)

Victor Pride is the professor of being self-made and self-paid. Did you ever want to make money doing something you truly enjoy? Did you ever want to create something that would self-sustain itself and bring you income? Do you need the biggest kick in the ass to pursue something you never thought possible?

Enter The World of The New World Ronin!

Our Motto is Self-Made and Self-Paid – Victor Pride

I came across Victor Pride from his website Bold and Determined. The website was full of articles about starting your own blog and owning your life. At first, like all newcomers, I thought it was going to be a bunch of hogwash. I didn’t know how wrong I would truly be.

The blog post that totally floored me was the post titled You, Inc. It was an article explaining in full detail what to do with your life. You see, we are all consumers of TONS  and TONS of content daily. We then go to work or to a get-together and discuss the products we consumed (TV, Movies, Books, Blogs, etc.).

Victor Pride lays out the map on how to stop being solely a consumer and start being a producer. Creativity is the thing in our lives that is going to make or break us, regardless if it makes money. Creation is in our nature. Without it we get depressed, we lose that fire, and we stop moving forward.

You, Inc. is the reason I am here today typing this post about how New World Ronin was the eye opener I needed to take this blog seriously. It is the reason I come home from working a 9-5 and start working again on something that I love.

If your mission is to succeed, you may proceed to the world of the New World Ronin

Victor Pride starts his book with a series of points about entering the World of the NWR. My favorite are the following:

  • Build the brain through study, build the body through rigorous training, and build the business with ruthless integrity: Books, Blogs, and good wholesome information in general. We need to be consuming something on our minds every day, something that will get us 1% further towards our goal and towards our vision, we have for ourselves. I read at least an hour a day. We need to get in the best physical shape we can possibly get in. I am currently a work in progress of this but I am making strides to get to my goals, consuming useful information every day to stay on track and writing almost every day to hone my craft. I am trying to get the smallest increment better each day, especially with writing.
  • Life and Business become one: This relates back to You, Inc. in that I am always looking for things to build my current business. If I am watching a movie I am thinking what can I tell people about it, same with books or anything else I consume. My life and what I do is now being broadcasted for everyone to see. To help people just as these things helped me.
  • Your end goal is to live like a master of Destiny instead of living like a passenger of Destiny: And he doesn’t mean the awesome video game. We must do something for us. We must try every single day to do something we enjoy and work to be as good as we can at it. You can not be a master of your Destiny without hard work but the good part is if we enjoy what we are doing then we never work.

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The Mission:

Let’s face it, most of us work jobs that we are working day in and day out just to make ends meet. Hey, everyone has to pay the bills and take responsibility for their own lives and their families.

We need to take all the information we are consuming daily (hopefully useful information) and put it into action to doing something we love. None of the books, blogs or videos we watch will be worth it if we don’t actually apply the teachings to our daily lives.

Victor Pride explains to start at the start and DO THE WORK! Whether you are building a business or your own personal brand, if you give the people what they want you will get what you want. If you can turn a passion you have in life and share it with people who will listen you can make a living out of it.

A hobby that you love doing is PLAY and you will never feel like you are working if you PLAY all the time. Now don’t pick something that you think you may be good at. Victor tells us to be an authority on the skills we decide to share with the world.

Your mission is to bring your work to the world and to show them your greatness

I always worried about being public with something like this. Showing my loves and interests to the world. The NWR must be self-confident to create. I am going to constantly be writing and honing the skills to get to as many people as I can.

The Ronin, as Victor Pride describes, must go against the plan that life has laid out for us where we go to a 9-5, retire and waste away. We must be living each day to the fullest. No, that doesn’t mean its always going to be glamorous. It means you are hitting the daily goals you have in life every day to get closer to becoming that Shogun!

We must live by our own rules that sometimes go against what we are taught. Be selfish, be obsessed, be unbending and be unbreakable. Troubles in life are always going to be waiting behind every corner and we need to remain strong with laser focus on where we want to be heading.

Full-Color Work:

In order to get our “work” out and into the world it must be in Full Color. Activities performed in Full Color give value to people and come from a place deep within you. The art of creativity is Full Color and all the minor details that go into it such as maintaining emails are what Vic calls B&W (Black and White) work. Full-Color Work is what we always must be pumping out to achieve the success that we are destined to have.

This blog is my attempt at that. I want to take the things out of my mind that I feel will help other people and share them with the world. I am trying every day to show my true self to the world so everyone can benefit from it.

The War Room:

I loved this part of the book. Victor Pride has been pumping us up for chapters now. I enjoy that he takes a step back from all the state pumping and the adrenaline-fueled advice to show us one of the most important aspects of our creativity: Our Environment We Create In.

Our “lab” must be somewhere that we feel good about. We need to feel comfortable to create.

I have a big desk I create in along with some music going. It helps me relax and get the creative juices pumping. I do not have any distractions while I am making my Full Color Work. Just focus on what I am trying to make inside The War Room.

Rules Concerning the Creation of Greatness:

The biggest takeaway I got in this chapter and what I use now all the time is TO ALWAYS BE MOVING FORWARD.

Victor Pride tells us the only way to always have Destiny chasing us is to move forward. We need to do this daily. We need to make sure we are always taking steps towards our goals no matter how little.

That is the beauty of always moving forward. It does not matter how much you move that day as long as its TOWARD something.

Other things I have implemented into my life are to always be taking notes. I take notes ALL DAY EVERYDAY now. I use my phone constantly. Books take me 2 to 3 times as long to read because I am jotting key points down that I can use.

Also, The Day is Won or Lost by 10 am. I love this and it coincides greatly with the Morning Rituals of the Titans in Tim Ferriss’ book. My mornings consist of fasting until 12:30 PM, completing my 5-minute journal, coffee while in the fasted state only, and doing some form of reps for 1 set of 5-10 (push-ups, sit-ups, etc.). If I hit these in the morning my day is better set up for success.

Lastly, something that I am doing that Victor Pride talks about is having a schedule. Along with the Morning Ritual above, I now have my perfect day as I see it currently.

My Perfect Day Schedule:

  • Completing my Morning Ritual as seen above
  • Coming up with at least one idea to create something out of
  • Reading for at least 1 hour and taking notes on it
  • Getting a workout in when I get home from work
  • Doing at least 1 thing (no matter how small) around the house
  • Meditating
  • Writing 1000 words for the blog or creating in some other fashion as in YouTube or Podcasting
  • Getting to bed at the same time every night

These are just a few of the things I have implemented after reading NWR and currently, Tools of Titans. Victor Pride says a schedule is a must as this is my schedule right now to get that 1% closer every day to something better.

Becoming Your True Character:

The path of the NWR is to become the character you are trying to portray and live the life. Nobody will want to read something that is not authentic but on the flip side, no one will read boring shit.

I learned to be myself and not give a fuck what the people reading will think. My path to greatness lies by becoming who I need to be in brain, body, and brand.

I need to be reading good, uplifting stuff every day. I need to get that exercise in daily to lose the weight needed to be healthy. And I need to be constantly working on You, Inc. aka The Brand.

I am just a character in this blog and the experiences my character goes through is derived from real stuff I am doing on the daily. I create the brand and the character, I create success for myself by sharing that with the world.


New World Ronin is a very deep book. It’s a book you keep going back and referencing to light that fire under your ass to get things done to be a success.

I loved every chapter and I had a lot of takeaways from it that I used to start my blog (on BADnet of course). Not wanting to give everything away because there is a lot of redundancy in the book but that makes it permanent in your brain and drives the points home.

I recommend anyone that is wanting to create for themselves, start their own brand, or just get a kick in the ass to do something for yourself to check out this book. It’s a masterpiece that keeps on giving the deeper you go down the rabbit hole.

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