The Net Neutrality Podcast (The B+ Podcast: Episode 35)

The Net Neutrality Podcast:

In Episode 35 of The B+ Podcast, we discuss the absolute bullshit that is happening. The FCC is taking away Net Neutrality.

The face of the matter is this is going to happen. We can try our best to stop it but it looks like no one is listening.

Net Neutrality kept us safe from companies like Verizon, Comcast, etc. from going and charging us extra for things we use on their services.

For example, everyone uses Netflix. We also enjoy watching Netflix on 4K or in HDR. Obviously, this takes up more speeds and bandwidth on these companies services. Without Net Neutrality in place, these companies are going to be able to charge you more money if you want to watch Netflix in HD or 4K. The picture I have above in the thumbnail is a real ad before Net Neutrality existed.

Another example is Verizon and Yahoo are in business together. Without Net Neutrality in place, Verizon can force you to use Yahoo as your primary search engine. Only after paying more money will they allow access to Google for your searching needs.

I apologize for the excessive foul mouth I used during this podcast. The fact that this is even being considered has me fired up. I don’t understand why we need to constantly be shit on for other people to line their pockets.

Anyways, here is a link for you to go and support keeping Net Neutrality in place: https://www.battleforthenet.com

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