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The B+ Podcast: Episode 5: Morning Rituals and Daily Schedules

On this episode of The B+ Podcast, Nasum and myself discuss the benefits of Morning Rituals and Daily Schedules.

I use both of these things in my everyday life since reading Tools Of Titans by Tim Ferriss.

I wanted to really dive into what I have been using. Diving deep into what has helped me these past few weeks, what I could work on more, and what plain isn’t benefiting me.

Morning Rituals:

As I have written in Part 2: The Wealthy Chapters of my for Tools Of Titans, I have laid out what I have taken from the book.

The biggest and most profound Morning Ritual I use is the 5 Minute Journal.

Every morning, as soon as I wake up, I complete my Journal for the day. It helps me get out of my head and into a state of gratefulness. Logging in the journal helps me plan out my goals for the day. It helps me stay focused on the task at hand so I know what to strive for that day.

Daily Schedules:

A Daily Schedule is my blueprint for “My Perfect Day”. I wrote out my entire schedule in a previous post but I will copy it here in case you wanted to see it.

My schedule is as follows:

  • Get my 5-Minute Journal done as soon as I wake up:It gets my mind out of the gutter and into gratitude. You cant be angry starting your day writing down three things you are grateful for.
  • Having 2-3 cups of black coffee in the morning while fasted: I am currently on a new regimen as far as my diet goes. I am using black coffee as a tool to aid with my weight loss. I do not use any cream or sugar. It negates the awesome benefits that black coffee has. The reason I drink coffee in the morning is because…
  • Intermittent Fasting until 12:30PM: As I said, I am currently trying to lose weight. The intermittent fasting is a tool that I am using combined with the black coffee. Having black coffee while in a fasted state is incredible for our health. You will not have your body get used to the caffeine while in this state.
  • Hitting my macros and counting calories with MyFitnessPal: My eating window after I break the fast is 8 hours long. I make sure in those hours I am hitting my daily goals because I am in the gym again and am trying to add some muscle while dieting.
  • Reading for one hour a day: The best purchase I made in 2016 was without a doubt the Kindle Paperwhite. I can take it with me anywhere I go, it small enough to fit in any sized bag, and the screen on it i mind blowing. The Kindle comes with me at all times so I can make sure I am hitting at least one hour of reading everyday. It also has great tools for note taking and highlighting sections of books.
  • Doing something around the house no matter how big or how small: I always got out of work, came right home, and took a nap. The nap could’ve lasted anywhere from 10-60 minutes and when I woke up I always felt worse than when I laid down. In 2017, I replaced that with getting something done around the house. The cleaning doesn’t pile up and I feel better having contributed to the house.
  • Hit the gym immediately following the housework: Once I get the house chore done, I immediately hit the gym to get a workout in. I usually go for 90 minutes with a lifting/cardio split.
  • Meditation: I make sure I get my meditation in. It is a new habit I am implementing in 2017. So far it has been amazing. I use the Headspace app (recommended a TON in Tools Of Titans) since it has really great guided meditation.
  • Create Everyday: Whether its hitting my daily mark of writing 1000 words or making a video/podcast for my YouTube channel. I make sure I am creating everyday. This is the biggest to do of the new year for me.
  • Complete the night time part of my 5-Minute Journal: Just the same as the morning with a few different entry categories. It gets me to reflect on my day and see where I can improve the next.

When I hit all of the above, that qualifies as my perfect day. I do things for myself while doing things for others as well and it doesn’t stop after my job. If you implement even one of these things it will help you as well.

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