Michelles Bridal Shower (And The Return Of The Vlog!)

The Return of The Vlog!:

Hey everyone! If you have been wondering where the new Vlogs have been – I don’t blame you. The fact of the matter is is that I was getting married. The video above is from Michelle’s Bridal Shower that took place in August. People don’t lie when they say it is a lot of work to get these things going. The initial process wasn’t tough. It is when you get down to crunch time that your attention goes to a bunch of different areas.

With that said, the Vlog sat on the backburner for awhile. I didn’t have the time to sit down and chop up the videos like I would have liked to.

The plus side of that is that there is a TON of footage filmed. New videos will start coming out of what I am calling The BackVlog. These are videos that I wasn’t sure about. Videos that I thought might not have had enough content to put out or that I was plain lazy at the time. The dates on these BackVlogs will be all the over the place. You will be able to tell when and where they are from by the description or beginning of the video.

Michelle’s Bridal Shower:

Being that Michelle and I were tying the knot, Michelle had a bridal shower. I had no clue about these things or what was expected of me. Thanks to the girls in her wedding party and awesome family members, they informed me how it was going to go down. Bouquet of flowers, giving out hugs and loading the car with gifts.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Seftimor Vlog without the after party. We go back to my parent’s house and have one of the best times of the summer.

I am super happy the Vlog is back! Enjoy these upcoming BackVlogs that I’ll upload to the Seftimor Live YouTube Channel.

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