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Kong: Skull Island | Movie Review

Kong: Skull Island | Movie Review

On episode 18 of The B+ Podcast, we talk about the new Kong: Skull Island movie.

This is a first for the podcast because we have a 3-way tie. We all agree the movie was incredible. The movie was one the most enjoyable movies I have seen in awhile. Kong: Skull Island starts the action right from the beginning and never lets its foot off the gas. You don’t see this much excitement from current monster movies.

We get to see the island where Kong is from and all its inhabitants. The island is chock full of monsters that aren’t named Kong. These creatures are enemies of Kong and we get to see how he handles them. We also get to see allies he has made on the island.

Kong has human traits that make him likable in this movie. I went into this movie a Godzilla fan. If the movie gods ever grant us a Kong vs. Godzilla movie, I was going to be on Team Godzilla. After seeing this movie, I am not sure where I stand on that. The way this movie portrayed the monster was nothing short of excellent. In Godzilla movies, you root for the humans. The monster is this huge destructive forceΒ that needs to destroyed. Kong: Skull Island has you rooting for the monster the entire time. This is thanks to the amazing character development they did on Kong.

The Cast:

Tom Hiddleston also plays an incredible role in the film. But the guy that stole the show for me was John C. Reilly. He was the comic relief in the film. John takes the antics from great movies like Talladega Nights or Step Brothers into this film. The great thing is it all works because the movie is so fun and enjoyable. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some not so β€œfun” parts – but the movie as a whole is a joyride.

I encourage anyone that is into monster movies to check this one out. You will NOT regret it. Kong: Skull Island is one of the best monster movies I have seen in a long time. I am super excited to see where they take the franchise here on out.

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