My First Seven Months Of Creating: A Retrospect

Seven Months

Seven months of writing, filming, and editing video. Seven months of meeting like-minded people on this journey. Seven months of saying no to immediate pleasures and yes to WORK.

This is the product of just seven months of me on my new journey.

I was writing under a pseudonym in 2016 but didn’t come public until January of 2017.

Between that time and now, I started a youtube channel, a podcast, and my own blog. I have met people in the same space as me that go out of their way to help me. People such as Ethan Carter from who has mentored me this far.

Quality Problems

I have grown and learned more in this past seven months than I have in the last seven years.

The feeling of coming home from a 9-5 job and realizing that I still have a ton of work to finish. To come home tired and know that I need to put something out for a handful of people that care. The feeling of coming home and not wasting hours but actually creating FOR the platform.

I now have a backlog of content that has still never finished. The reason being I was too lazy that day or something else needed tending to. Seeing that when you come home there is a new pile or work waiting for you. My problem is still that I take the easy way out. I choose not to do some days even though I know it’ll only hurt my brand.

The reality of it all is that these are QUALITY problems. These are the things that I have decided to do for myself.

The Alternative

As you know if you’ve read this blog, the alternative is not prettier. The alternative is to take the easy way out not sometimes but EVERYDAY! I said that was over and it is.

I come home stressed, knowing that people are waiting for the next vlog or the newest podcast. Speaking on the podcast, my co-hosts depend on me to get it out there for the world to hear and see.

This is not complaining. It is me choosing myself for once in my fucking life. The lessons I learned are nothing short of amazing. I am in this for the long haul. No matter how long it takes me to get my new content out – it will come out.

Days In The Life

Image result for day in the life

You can see from the amount of Day In The Life Vlogs I have been uploading that I fell in love with the platform. Filming and editing have not only become something I must do but something I can’t go without doing.

The most beautiful part of doing vlogs is that family and friends started embracing it. People have gone from, β€œWhat the hell are you doing with a camera?” to β€œJoel, I want to be in the vlog!” The love and support the ones close to me have shown is amazing. I am nothing short of grateful. Everyone has not only seen the final product but the passion that goes into it. Not just for me, but to make a great video for everyone. Capturing moments in our lives to remember forever.

Finally, I look forward to where the next seven months of work is going to bring me. I still don’t have an audience sans for some close family and friends. The audience will come when the work is of higher quality. Until that time, I will continue honing my skills to make something not just for loved ones but for everyone. I want everyone to know the passion behind my product. Producing content has given me more confidence in my daily life than anything prior.

It has given me knowledge – Knowledge for something I never thought I could do.

The next seven months are exciting. I don’t know where I am going but I know where I want to be. And that place is showing the world more of me because there will never be another Seftimor.

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    Ethan Michael Carter
    July 11, 2017 at 12:59 pm

    Honesty. What a rare word.

    Many people these days write or vlog messages that simply make them look Cool or Perfect.

    Very few people however, possess the honesty and vulnerability to discuss their struggles without the filter of their ego.

    This article displays a genuine tone, something many pieces of work lack.

    Instead of hiding behind a shield of a keyboard warrior persona, you show your struggles in a way that allows people to see that it’s ok to fall down, as long you don’t stay down.

    Motivational article, and very powerful.

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