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Easter Weekend and My New Love For Vlogging

Vlogging The Easter Weekend Festivities:

Who would have thought that my love for vlogging would have come full circle this Easter weekend?

Holiday weekends – To some people, they are a burden. You are going to hang with family or friends that you would rather not be around. This isnt to say you don’t love those people. But sometimes we outgrow or go in a different direction than our peers.

I, on the other hand, was not on that side of things this past weekend. The holiday weekends to me are some of the most exciting times of the year. All your friends come home from wherever their jobs have taken them to. Families gather together to celebrate. Amazing food is had by all. People you haven’t seen or hung out with in months come out to share in the festivities. The Good Vibes are high and the stress is low. My type of weekend.

Break The Fast:

The Saturday before Easter my family and I get together with some friends to go to a party called Break The Fast. It is a yearly event at the San Cataldo Society. The Society is an Italian club where members get together to celebrate the holiday. We always have a blast and, for this reason, I decided to vlog the event this year. I wanted to showcase a little bit of fun we have each year. I figured there was no better place to shoot the vlog than Break The Fast.

As you can see in the vlog above, we had an amazing time. The place was chock full of homemade liquors, Italian foods, and, most of all – Italians! HBO could have filmed an episode of The Sopranos in this place.

The feeling I get around when hanging with people I love is irreplaceable. No one has a care in the world other than keeping the good times and good vibes flowing. Except for me, I also cared about making a good vlog!

My Love For The Vlog:

As I continue on my journey to create, I have fallen in love with vlogging. The problem is that I am still having a hard time coming out of my shell. I am still scared of vlogging in public. The stares or glances I get when people see me walking around talking to a camera.

The good thing is – the more I vlog the more the fear subsides. I feel that a few more times and I will not give a fuck about what’s going on around me. My only focus will be on making some great content.

Family helped a ton this weekend too. Not one time did they question what I was doing or say anything negative about it. They trusted that I would film something worthwhile and that I would make it the best it could be.

You can see this in the beginning of the vlog. I start out coming to my Uncles house and all you see is the waist down. I didn’t know how they were going to take to me documenting the whole day. All my fears disappeared as soon as I saw they embraced what I was doing. You can tell when the fear goes away as the vlog progresses. The energy in the air was too positive to have my limiting beliefs get the best of me. Goods vibes all around! I focused on making the best vlog I could and I feel it came out pretty well for my second time vlogging a whole day in the life.

I am also finding out that I am falling in love with video editing. The whole process is enjoyable to me. I love sitting down and putting the pieces of this footage puzzle together. Cutting out crappy parts, putting music to the video, and editing is something I can do for hours. I am excited to see where this summer will take me. Not only my vlogging skills but my editing skills as well.

On The Horizon:

The vlogs will be my main priority for a few months. Summer is upon us, which means there are TONS of opportunities to document. We always have some epic get together and I feel they will be prime time material for the vlogs.

There will be a new vlog coming this weekend – most likely Sunday. We have a party coming up at my cousin’s in-laws house. They own a bunch of land with their own creek! The creek gets stocked with fish, they bring out the grills, and we all bask in the good times. It is one of my favorite days of the year with some of my favorite people.

Thank you for watching the Easter weekend vlogs. If you enjoyed please consider subscribing to my channel. As I said before, there are going to be many updates coming in the future now that summer is here.

And as always, Thank you for reading. If you have any comments on this article or the vlogs – Please feel free to drop me a comment below!

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    Ethan Michael Carter
    April 21, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    Powerful writing! Really love how you highlighted your fears, which takes alpha level vulnerability. I also love how your passion for vlogging is carrying you through the challenges and obstacles of the process.

    Very inspirational, thank you for writing this!

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