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The Dark Tower | Trailer Review and Discussion

The Dark Tower:

On this episode of The B+ Podcast, we discuss the new trailer for Stephen King’s – The Dark Tower.

This week Sony dropped the trailer for the one of Stephen King’s most popular book series. The film adaptation of The Dark Tower.

The trailer finally made it out! Which means we are FINALLY getting the movie.

There was a lot of controversy leading up to this trailer. The movie went through many screenwriters, reshoots, and delays.

The feel of this trailer can go either way for me. We were all in agreement that the trailer looked enjoyable. It is definitely something we look forward to seeing.

Idris Elba looks great as Roland Deschain. Matthew McConaughey has some controversy surrounding him. He was cast as the villain: The Man In Black. If you have seen McConaughey’s role in True Detective – you know he can nail the role if the writing is on point. His recent acting is a testament that he can do a good job in the part.

It’s an exciting time to be a Stephen King fan. For years, we haven’t seen many King film adaptations or TV Shows. The upcoming IT movie trailer looks great. King has a TV Show coming out on the Audience Network for his Mr. Mercedes books. And finally, we get the Dark Tower movie. Not to mention we don’t know how many nods to King’s other works we are going to get in these new adaptations. We can already see nods to Salem’s Lot.

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