Creating Your Agenda: How To Reignite The Spark Inside Of You

Do you remember when you first had that Spark ignite inside of you, the one that moved you towards your own Agenda in life? You knew that there was something more to what you were doing and wanted to become great at that?

My first time was back in 1993 while browsing through the best magazine of all time. No, not Time, not Good Housekeeping and no, not Playboy.

I am talking about the one that as a kid you begged your Mother to pick up when you were checking out in the grocery line. I am talking about this…

Image result for disney adventures halloween issue

That’s right! Disney Adventures! This magazine was the sole reading material for me as a kid, along with Goosebumps of course.

That issue in ’93 could very well be the entire reason I am writing here today.

The issue posted here had a contest on the back cover. The contest was being judged by Jimmy Workman (Pugsley from the Addams Family). The winner would be who could submit the best scary story that Halloween.

Once I read that I immediately started brainstorming ideas of what I could write about. Sadly, the only thing I had to reference at the age of 8 was horror movies. I had seen some by accident or by stealing Dads old VHS tapes when he wasn’t home.

My ideas were being pulled directly from the Tales From The Crypt Movie, Tales from The Darkside, and yes, The Addams Family.

I wrote my story every day for weeks. I proofread it and crossed out words just to rewrite it again and again. Mind you, I was writing this by hand in a notebook.

I finally submitted it in time to enter the contest. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t win. Fortunately for me, I wasn’t sued for basically ripping off 5 horror movies I recently saw and mashing it together to create some plagiarized horror story gumbo.

The contest for the magazine was the first time though I feel I was interested in writing. After that, I took to The Twilight Zone series and when I found out Rod Serling was a writer, I knew that I wanted to do.

I would sit upstairs at the kitchen table writing episodes of The Twilight Zone and realized fairly quickly how fucking hard it was. That was the last of my writing career until…

Image result for myspace

When MySpace came out, everyone was on the site. I started to see a few people I followed that were writing in the blog section of their page.

I got that same spark I had when I read about the Halloween Contest in Disney Adventures. This was about 11 years later and I was in the middle of college so my views had changed.

My writing now consisted of commentary on things I was learning, poetry and angsty rants. What was great about it was people found my writing and were giving me positive comments.

I had that fire I needed in me to keep going. People were enjoying the posts and I was enjoying writing them.

A year later, Facebook came around and fucked that up for me royally. MySpace became a ghost land and my audience was gone.

Last year was when that spark would come back again and bring me to start this blog. It was when I read You, Inc. on Bold and Determined. Victor spoke to me and made me realize that EVERYONE should have their own blog, even just to journal.

I quickly signed up to his site and started this very site that you see before you.

Creating Your Own Agenda:

I knew that I wanted to do something for myself and create this site. Seftimor Live is the place where I can truly be me.

I can create the world as I see it and publish it for the world. Reinvent myself to be who I always wanted to be – creating my own agenda.

Each day we play roles: Employee, Boss, Mother, Son, or whatever it may be. We go along these roles that are normal but are we TRULY LIVING for ourselves?

When are we not doing something for ourselves and just going through the motions, who will ever remember our legacy when this is all said and done? Our children for sure and then maybe their children, but what about after that?

Now I am not saying that I am going to be remembered for this writing or that anyone will even read it.

What I am saying is that you should be doing the things for yourself that you want to do. Not just to better yourself but help others as well.

Create that Agenda, do 1% more every day, and live for yourself while helping others.

What Can We Do To Move Our Agenda Forward Today?:

  1. Create: When I came out to the public about my blog, I made a post on all social media platforms. I told everyone about a quote that Maynard James Keenan said on the Joe Rogan Podcast that stuck with me. The quote was “Create Everyday”. We are at our best when we are creating when we have something to come home to and look forward to after the 9-5. The creations are then put out into the world. Will anyone see it or give a shit? Who knows, but you will feel a lot better standing back and seeing the product your own creativity made.
  2. Health: We need to be doing one thing that will keep our body in top shape. The body we are born with is the only one we have. We have to walk around with it every day. It is stupid to not at least try to better that every single day.
  3. Be Around Loved Ones: The people that will always know your true self-are those that are close to you. Your family and friends are people you can go to and be yourself around (providing they are not toxic to you). Make sure you are around people who share mutual love and respect for you as you do to them. Share as many good times as you can and try to hang new mental photographs in your brain as often as possible.

As James Altucher says in his new book Reinvent Yourself (which is the next book on my reading list):

The Choices you make TODAY will be your Biography tomorrow – James Altucher

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