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Movies I Watched and Halo Top Ice Cream (The B+ Podcast: Episode 29)

The B+ Podcast: Episode 29:

We were going to a post-fight podcast about the McGregor-Mayweather fight. We were going to have 1 or 2 guests on to discuss the fight. The guests we were to have scheduled couldn’t make it. Since the fight is over about a month now, we put the kibosh on that. We want to stay relevant while still going about our day-to-day business. Which means, sometimes life gets in the way of making these for you – the podcast audience.

Nasum and I were waiting for the guests to arrive and we knew they weren’t going to make it. I asked if we should cancel the cast. He thought for a minute and then said we were both there so we should. at least, cast something. We were trying to think of topics to talk about. I said β€œFuck it…” and started the broadcast with no direction.

The cast actually made for a good one despite not having any topics in our notes to go with. I decided to talk about stuff I watched that current week. We also dive into some things that are off topic within our no topic show.

The movies I got to watch this week and discuss were:

We also discuss my obsession with Halo Top Ice Cream and my hunt for their Pumpkin Pie flavor.

As I said before sometimes life happens. The fact that we were late to the party, there won’t be a Mayweather-McGregor podcast. There are enough podcasts out there already covering and we would be late to the game.

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