Kirby Turns 25, Game Of Thrones Leaks, Disney Pulls Netflix Titles, Millarworld (The B+ Podcast: Episode 27)

The B+ Podcast: Episode 27:

On episode 27 of The B+ Podcast, we talk about:

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Kirby Turns 25:

Kirby from Nintendo has turned 25 on August 1st of this year. He is one of the staples for Nintendo. Kirby is a fan favorite all around the world. We are happy to see him still going strong after all these years.  Nintendo has always supported everyone’s favorite puffball. There are loads of games and merchandise with the Kirby branding. Nintendo has thrown up a 25-year trailer. It shows how Kirby has developed throughout the years. There is also a new Kirby game slated for the Switch in 2018!

Game Of Thrones Leaks:

Earlier this month, HBO got hacked and 1.5 TB of data stolen. Of this 1.5 TB of data was the last few episodes of Game Of Thrones. E-Mails have surfaced. They say the hackers might release the Season 7 finale before its actual air date. The hackers didn’t just steal Game Of Thrones episodes either. There are Twitter, Instagram, and other various HBO social media accounts that were compromised.

Disney Pull Netflix titles:

Disney is starting up their own streaming service. They have decided to pull their titles from Netflix in the future. The Disney streaming service will launch sometime in 2019.  Disneys streaming service will be the new home for titles like Toy Story 4 and Frozen 2. We will keep you updated as more happens.

MillarWorld and Netflix Partnership:

Netflix has acquired MillarWorld for their streaming service. MillarWorld is the home of comic creator Mark Millar. He wrote such titles as Kickass and Old Man Logan. We are happy to see what this brings to Netflix in the future.

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