Death Note on Netflix, Mayweather/McGregor Updates, Celebrity Passings (The B+ Podcast: Episode 25)

The B+ Podcast: Episode 25

On episode 25 of The B+ Podcast – we discuss:

  • Death Note coming to Netflix
  •  Mayweather / McGregor updates
  •  And recent celebrity passings.

We started off discussing the live action US version of Death Note coming to Netflix. We also talked a bit about our history of anime shows we watched during our childhood. Shows like Dragon Ball Z, Cowboy Bebop, and others. I am loving the Death Note anime to the point of an obsession. On Monday, I started it and I am already halfway through the series. Nasum and I are going to finish up the anime so we can watch the movie together and review it for the podcast.

We also talked about the recent press conferences for the upcoming Mayweather / McGregor fight. The conferences are some of the most overblown, crazy nonsense. But it is definitely going to make this the biggest combat sports event in history. We look forward to it no matter what happens and will keep you updated as the fight gets closer.

Finally, we get into the recent celebrity passings. We wanted to acknowledge the deaths of :

  • Chester Bennington
  •  Martin Landau
  • And the legendary George Romero

We discuss the bodies of work that each person had – as well as their influence on culture in general.

With George, we talked about how there would be no zombie phenomenon without this legend.

Before we end the podcast, we dabble a bit into the new Skybound Press novels that will be coming out. Robert Kirkman (creator of The Walking Dead) now has another platform to bring horror to us!

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