Spider-Man, SNES Classic, Amazon Deals (The B+ Podcast: Episode 24)

The B+ Podcast: Episode 24

Today marked a landmark episode of The B+ Podcast. It was special because we decided, after 7 months of casting, that we would change up the format.

We felt pigeonholed. An episode would cover only one topic that we set before casting.

We would have these great discussions going on and go off on a tangent. Sometimes the tangents were going in a better direction than the subject we wanted to stick to. We had to then reel ourselves back in to focus on the subject at hand. Thus, sacrificing what could have been a great podcast that our audience would have been into.

This episode is our test run of the new format we decided to put in place. We decided to cover a more broad spectrum of topics per episode and cover them to the extent of our knowledge. The audience can now have a more free flowing listen. We can touch on an array of topics rather than sticking to onlyΒ one.

The new format also allows us to stay more on top of current events. The B+ Podcast will now be more up to date with the topics that we discuss.

On today’s episode –Β we discuss Spider-Man: Homecoming, the SNES Classic, and Amazon Deals.

Check out the new format of The B+ Podcast and as always let us know what you think in the comments!

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