Adult Swim 2017 Vlog | The Pirate Cove

Adult Swim 2017 at The Pirate Cove:

On this vlog, we go back to The Pirate Cove for the first Adult Swim. My cousins have been throwing parties all summer but have had the kids at the house. As you can see from the other vlogs, we love spending time as a whole family – kids and all. But on this specific occasion, there were to be no kids. The party would consist of all us “adults” and we would be free to enjoy ourselves.

Within 30 minutes upon arriving, we realized that no kids might not have been such a great idea. Cruzan was flowing and the gangster hymns were bumping.

In all seriousness, this is one of the funniest vlogs we have ever shot. There was so much content and so much fun. We all had a great time and the first Adult Swim was a success. As I said, there is nothing better than having everyone there to enjoy themselves. But a change of pace once in awhile never hurt anyone.

The summer of vlogging is coming to a close. I have had so much fun pursuing my new passion. My family has helped me and joined in on the fun. Everyone asks me now if I am going to vlog the next event we are having. I am so grateful I found this passion and thankful for everyone accepting it. The Vlog is something that I love and it feels great that others love the product that comes out of it as well.

I look forward to the next Adult Swim and I hope you enjoy the Vlog!

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